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So who are we & what’s our Purpose?

WHATS OUR PURPOSE? - from the Founders

Our purpose is simple: to give back to those who donhave a voice. Animal Sanctuaries and non-profit rescues all over the world are constantly working to keep up with costs of caring for, feeding and re-homing abandoned or lost pets. Sanctuaries work hard to give pets and farm animals the best possible life. Often times medical conditions require treatments that can be extremely expensive, in addition to proper housing and maintenance of their facilities.


Since we dont have the means to start a non-profit of our own, we decided that this was the next best thing! 

A portion from each sale is donated to various sanctuaries and no-kill shelters. Each month, we choose a rescue or sanctuary and make a contribution. See a list of non-profit recipients here.


Your purchase not only gives your pet a beautifully crafted ID tag, but will also help an animal somewhere in need. If you support our mission and like our products, wed love for you to dress your pet with a WAGGZ™ tag!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story,

Tommy + Tina + Marley + Milo

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