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Interested in partnering with WAGGZ™ Tags so that your organization can receive recurring donations from us?

We want to help you! 


How do our partnerships work?

We are looking for rescue groups who will help spread the word about WAGGZ™. Whether on their websites/social media pages or by word of mouth. We want others to know about our mission. If you share a post, we will provide info & a special promo code for your followers to enter, which helps us keep track of sales through your shares. In return we will donate $1 from every tag sold, to your rescue. It’s super easy! Keep in mind, promo codes must be used in order for us to send donations. If we do not receive codes, we choose a random rescue & donate, which also helps us expand our brand to different areas.

If this is something your organization would be interested in, please reach out to us at waggztags@gmail.com so we can set up your promo code.


• P.O.E.T ANIMAL RESCE, MI http://www.poetanimalrescue.org

• MacKENZIES ANIMAL SANCTUARY, MI http://mackenzies.infoMacKenzie’s Animal Sanctuary

• SECOND CHANCE ANIMAL RESCUE, GA http://www.scar-rescue.com

• THE HAVEN ANIMAL CARE SHELTER, TX  https://www.havenacs.org

• PAWS OF HOPE, MI https://www.paws-of-hope.com/about

• WHAT WE DO FOR THE LOVE OF PETS, MI https://www.facebook.com/What-We-Do-For-The-Love-Of-Pets


WAGGZ™ Tags launched May, 2018 and we were able to make our first contribution in June. Thanks to your purchase, the following no-kill shelters have received donations from us:








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Image by Pascal Debrunner