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  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?
    As an employee owned business, each individual item is created by us. Some are kept in stock while others are made-to-order. Depending on product, arrival time varies. You will receive tracking notification by email once your order has shipped. Below is a breakdown of the average turnaround you can expect: WOODEN PET TAGS: 2-3 days for engraving & finish; 3-5 for shipping (approx 5-8 days) COPPER PET TAGS: 3-4 days for stamping & finish; 3-5 for shipping (approx 6-9 days) WOOD KEYCHAIN: 2-3 days for engraving & finish; 3-5 for shipping (approx 5-8 days) **Regarding products listed below** If we already have specific items in stock the first step is elminated from turnaround time, leaving only 3-5 days for shipping. SERENITY COASTERS: 5-7 days for cut, set & finish; 3-5 for shipping (approx 8-12 days) SERENITY KEYCHAINS: 5-7 days for cut, set & finish; 3-5 for shipping (approx 8-12 days) WOOD MAGNETS: 1-2 days to create; 3-5 for shipping (approx 4-7 days) WOOD ORNAMENTS: 1-2 days to create; 3-5 for shipping (approx 4-7 days)
  • The engraving is incorrect on my tag, what can we do?"
    If we can confirm that you entered the correct text, based on your order history, please let us know of the discrepancy. We will be happy to fix the error and will ship a replacement to you at no cost.
  • I made a mistake on my original order & did not catch it after receiving the order confirmation. Do I need to pay for my item again?
    Please let us know of any issue right away! If the error is caught within 24 hours, we can usually make the correction before starting your order. If the item has already been made and/or shipped, you will be responsible for a $7.00 fee + additional shipping if applicable.
  • What is your refund/return policy?
    Items are made-to-order & therefore, non-refundable. All products come with a 90-day warranty. If, for any reason your item is damaged upon receiving, please contact us right away at [your message must include photos of damaged product]. If the item is damaged within 90 days of receiving, we will replace it for you. Replacement fees are as follows: Wood Pet ID Tags: $7.00 Copper Pet ID Tags: $6.00 All items will experience normal wear due to use and like most things, they are not indestructable. Because some of our products are made from wood and there are elements out of our control, we cannot guarantee those items after 90 days. Please follow our care-guide to avoid damage (included with all orders). If you do not properly care for your product, it may experience faster wear. If you know your pet will be put in a situation of extreme activity, we advise you remove their tag before putting them in such setting. Our Copper tags are designed to withstand harsher elements, in comparison to our wooden tags. Each come protected and include a long-term care guide for reference. Any items damaged after the 90-day period (from the day you received it), will be replaced at full cost only. Our 90-day warranty does not cover lost, chewed or stolen items. You will be responsible for the full amount of any re-ordered product + taxes and fees.
  • How do I care for my pet's tag?
    WOOD TAGS: Our wooden tags provide a fashion statement for your pet & offer a unique look that you won't find anywhere else! Each are given a protective, exterior finish that is safe for you and your pets. However, like most material, wood is not indestructable. Prolonged exposure to water may weaken the piece. We encourage you to remove tags prior to your pet swimming or bathing. Applying mineral oil every few months will help protect wood & restore its natural beauty. Mineral oil can be found online and at most hardware or craft stores. Please follow application instructions provided on product label. If your pet is very active with other animals or frequently swims, we suggest our copper tags. COPPER TAGS: Copper is better suited for pets with more of an active lifestyle or who you might consider 'water dogs'. Each tag is made using a specific, step-by-step process to not only prep the Copper for stamping, but protect it from tarnishing. A lot of our customers have ordered both designs because they like having the option to switch tags, depending on the occasion! Personally, we have both designs for our Marley & love each look as well :)
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